Nevada 150th Commemorative State Bike

Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Brings You The Nevada 150th Anniversary State Bike

Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Brings You
The Nevada 150th Anniversary State Bike

We started with a 2014 FLHX Harley-Davidson Street Glide.

We disassembled the bike all the way down to the frame. We painted it a 2-tone Nevada blue and cut it down the middle with silver leaf for the silver state. It proudly carries the Battle Born Nevada 150th logo on the front of the fairing, the Great Seal of the State of Nevada on the tank and the Nevada state flag on the rear fender. That was all just paint.

We also fitted it with a chrome front end, a 19" chrome enforcer rim and polished rotors, then matched that up with a 16" rear rim. Custom black and gray saddle with matching passenger pad is all you will need for comfort and style. Chrome switches, chrome pegs, chrome as far as the eye can see! And what the eye can't see, you can hear with a pumped-up stereo and upgrade speakers and yes, more chrome speaker rings.

As if this bike needed to make a statement than its style, sound and 103 cubic inches, we installed a heavy breather kit and mufflers for more horsepower and sound.

Last of all and most importantly, this is one-of-a-kind Harley-Davidson is signed by none other than The Honorable Brian Sandoval, Governor of the Great State of Nevada. No mistaking this one-of-a-kind Nevada 150th Commemorative State Bike!

The Bike will be raffled off to benefit the Nevada 150 Foundation. The winner will be selected at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson's grand opening on the Las Vegas Strip this fall. Additional details regarding price and availability of raffle tickets will be announced shortly. Before someone takes the bike home, we are hitting the road to show it off. Look for the Nevada 150th Commemorative State Bike to make an appearance throughout the year at various bike rallies, events and activities honoring Nevada's Sesquicentennial celebration.

Happy Birthday Nevada...

Gov. Brian Sandoval is Ready to Ride with Las Vegas Harley-Davidson(R) Raffle Ticket

Ticket prices are $150 each.
To receive more information, contact Las Vegas Harley-Davidson at 702.431.8500 ext. 1183 or email us at
Click here for eligibility and full contest rules.